Emergency Cell Phone Charger | 6 Pack - iPhone

SKU: 1003

Ready to use, pre-loaded with power

Fits directly into phone, no cords or wire

Portable, fits in pocket or bag

  • FAQ

    What kind of battery is it?

    1000 mAh Lithium Ion Batterty


    How much of a charge will it give?

    POWR Charger will get a phone from 0% - 60% in one hour. Phone usuage during charging will effect charging percentage and time.  


    Can it be used more than once?

    It can be used multiple times, however, once the battery is depleted, it can no longer be used.


    Example: Plug POWR into a phone to boost the battery from 30% - 50% then remove POWR from phone. The POWR Charger battery will be depelted by 20%, leaving 40% charging capability for another use.


    How long does POWR hold it's charge?

    One year from the time it is pre-loaded at the factory.



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